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Here's what some of my clients have to say:

"I decided to work with Guy based on our first interview. He listened, took careful notes, and offered to design a training program that fit my needs and my lifestyle.

"Guy takes his profession seriously works at lifelong learning about health and fitness. I would also describe him as conscientous and my experience has been that he hates to break an appointment. His approach to working with his clients is one of inquiry. He's the right trainer for me and I've recommended him to several of my friends.

"I have continued working with Guy for the past 18 months for several reasons. I met all of my goals and got results! Working with him is fun and never boring because he continually changes my workout and shows me new ways to work the same muscle groups. His emphasis is on health and not on guilt - he respects that his clients make their own choices and respects their lifestyles."


"I have never been an athletic person, but I decided that I finally wanted to become fit. Although weight was a consideration, my greater goal was to just improve my health. I wanted to improve my endurance and balance as well as increase my strength. But I was concerned about how I was going to fit exercise into my very busy life.

"Guy arrives promptly, twice a week, and always has a defined plan for the day. It amazes me that he has been able to make exercise interesting. Although I have some equipment at home, Guy keeps coming up with creative exercises that utilize my house, from stairs to door knobs. The routines are never boring. Guy structures the program so that the growth is gradual and I am never sore after working out.

"It is great to see the change in my body. Aside from the exercise, Guy also helps guide me with counseling on healthy diet. He has the gift to be able to present his guidance without being critical.

"Working with Guy has helped me overcome my aversion to exercise and improve my health and fitness. I truly appreciate all his help in achieving my goals."


"One quality Guy possesses which is important to me is that he makes me realise why I am working out and who I am doing it for. It's not to please him, or because I know he will ask me if I have been following my exercise routine each time he sees me. It is because he has convinced me that I'm doing it for ME. If I do not work out, I will lose strength, agility, suppleness, range of movement, and gain a mass of small aches and pains and stiffness, which will only increase over time. (I already knew that was happening, after 2 years of not exercising at all, I just was not facing it.)

"Another quality is his realistic encouragement. Because of some injuries and arthritis, some movements are difficult for me. He points out that my sometimes small range of movement is larger than it was weeks or months before, and, with work, will grow larger, and this encouragement keeps me focused and willing to keep on trying.

"He never tells me to "work through the pain", which I know would stop all my desire to continue! Instead, he makes adjustments to my position, posture, etc., so I can do it without pain.

"He provides variety and interest: my "homework" exercises may be always the same old routine, but his sessions always provide something new.

"In three words.....dependable, knowledgeable, adaptable (he is willing to work with my schedule) but I cannot leave out validating (he never fails to point it out when I have done something faster or longer or shown an improvement, however small, from times in the past, and this encouragement really helps me)."


"1. slowly reprogramming all/some of my bad behaviors and my body malfunctions.
2. Your guidance encourages me to like to exercise and realize that no pain no gain is damaging. I like the idea of enjoying exercising and making me stronger without being in pain.
3. You create program that is designed just for me and my specific needs.
4. You are very invested in my success.
5. I am stronger, leaner, and healthier each week... ounce by ounce.
6. You have taught me that doing things slowly yield better results.
7. I am never bored. You keep me focused.
8. Working out with you is not only exercising but you have taught me life techniques that I can apply to my everyday life. By changing my thinking you have encouraged me to keep going even when I sometimes want to give up.
9. My latest revelation is that if I follow my heart rate, I can run farther, smarter, and enjoy my run more than I have ever done before.
10. Thank You!"


"I chose Guy, because he seemed very knowledgeable and professional. He took the time to meet with me first and assess my situation, where I was, and my needs and what I wanted to accomplish.

"I continue to use Guy, becasue he definitely has goals in mind and is attentive to areas where improvement is needed. He is also a stickler for good form, which is one of the main reasons for using a personal trainer. He also is continually changing the workouts, and I have never had any injury since training with Guy. He incorporates stretching as well as weight training and doing things like the "bear crawl" to keep me agile."