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The Coaches Corner

Training Tip #5

In order to get stronger and to continue improving in your exercise program you must "overload" the body.

What is meant by overload the body is simply to progressively place greater demands in terms of more weight or more time exercising on the body each time you train.

The best example of this is the story of Milo. Milo was an Olympic wrestler in about 300 BC., way before Sports Center, but still very popular in his own right. Milo was a pretty good athlete but he wanted an edge that would make him unbeatable. So Milo had the bright idea to add weight lifting to his daily training regimen. But he was pretty crafty about how he went about it.

Here is what he did: Since he had some time before the next Olympiad, he decided that what he would do is start going through various callisthenic movements with a baby ox on his shoulders. He did this everyday and everyday the ox got a little bigger and Milo got a little stronger. He did this routine until the ox was fully-grown. Since he had progressed in this manner he could then go through these movements with a full-grown ox on his shoulders. I don't know how happy the ox was about all of this but the point is that Milo would not have been able to lift a fully grown ox had he not trained the body via the "overload principle" to get gradually stronger until it could withstand such a heavy load.

Milo won the gold, but then got caught up in contract battles over loin cloth and sandal endorsements, and then there was also the heated legal battle over who owned the rights to the, "Ten Minute Baby Ox Workout". Messy stuff. But still Milo will go down in history as the father of progressive resistance training that overloads the body.

So how can you apply this to your routine?

  1. If your goal is to get stronger and more muscular then you will mainly want to increase the weight you are lifting on a gradual basis to force the body to grow and get stronger.
  2. If endurance and weight loss is what you desire then you will want to increase amount of time and number of repetitions with lower weight to facilitate this goal.

Training Trivia:

Q. Why are hand weights referred to as dumbbells?

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