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The Coaches Corner

The purpose of the Coaches Corner is to disseminate workable information on the subject of diet, exercise, weight loss and sports specific training.

If you come across anything in this newsletter that you do not understand be sure to look it up in a good dictionary. If I use any words that you can cannot get defined in a standard dictionary please let me know and I will help you get them understood. But the basic idea of this site is going to be simplicity and giving you something you can easily duplicate and apply.

Training Tip #1

Eating immediately after you exercise will help you to lose more weight as well as help you refuel your muscles for your next workout.

When you exercise your bodies metabolism (how much energy is required to run the body) goes up and stays up for a period of time even after you finish your exercise session. Your metabolism can stay up after exercise for 20 minutes or more depending on how long you exercised.

When you eat your bodies metabolism goes up because it requires energy to digest the food. Sort of like putting food into a blender and grinding it up. When the blender is on it is eating up more energy and the same is true when your body is digesting food.

When you eat right after exercise you get a double effect because your metabolism is already up and now you eat and your bodies metabolism goes up even more in order to digest the food. The combined effect of the increased metabolism from the exercise and the increase in energy required to digest the food gives you more energy burned and thus more weight and fat loss.

The other benefit from eating right after your workout is that the muscles are most ready to be refueled right after you finish your exercise session. Let's look at it like your muscles all have individual gas tanks.

Let's say you did a long run. Your body would have used some of the stored energy/gas in the legs gas tank in order to allow you to perform that activity. Ok, so now the gas tank in the legs is only half full (or half empty if you are a pessimist). Well if you wait too long the gas tank closes down and you lose your opportunity to replace that gas. But if you eat within 15 minutes of finishing the run your legs gas tank is wide open and ready to receive that fuel. The longer you wait the less gas makes it into the gas tank in the legs and if you wait too long then you are out of luck and no gas will make it into the legs.

Doing this will make for better recovery as well as a better run the next time you go out to train. People who get muscles that feel wooden or weak from workouts usually have not replaced the fuel adequately from the last workout in the muscles they are using. Eating right after you exercise will help this. Obviously the higher the quality of fuel you put into the body the better it gets refueled but I will save the types of food to eat for another day. Try this and see how it works for you. (The stored energy in the muscles is called glycogen. It is just a five dollar word that means stored blood sugar so don't get hung up on it. )

Training Trivia:

Q. How many calories are in one pound of body-fat?

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